Tarform Motorcycles: Strong, black, sustainable

Tarform Motorcycles delivers sustainable electromobility on two wheels.

What if you could take design, technology, and sustainability to a new level, or more precisely, to the level of two wheels? To achieve this vision, the New York and Stockholm-based start-up company Tarform Motorcycles has set itself the goal of developing a premium motorcycle that incorporates all three components. Retro elements provide the cool look, while the pure electric drive ensures future-proof, emission-free mobility. Tarform relies on new sustainable materials which are traditionally handcrafted or produced by means of additive manufacturing. When you get on, you immediately feel that freedom of being a rider again – and a new way to enjoy smart driving.

Sean Connery roared down the alleys of Nice as James Bond on a motorcycle, Tom Cruise sits in the saddle in «Mission: Impossible», John Travolta sets off for adventure in «Born to be Wild»: It is not just in films that riding a motorbike provides the purest kind of magic and adventure. At the same time, climate protection and sustainability are key issues when it comes to mobility. Taking the appeal of the motorcycle into the future can therefore be seen as a logical consequence. As an industrial designer and tech entrepreneur, co-founder Taras Kravtchouk came up with the idea of following in the footsteps of the car manufacturers, and shifting entirely over to electric mobility in the field of high-speed two-wheelers. With success: Now, with the Café Racer and the Scrambler, electric Tarform electric motorcycles are ready for serial production – strong, black and sustainable. At first glance, the future-proof technology is unrecognisable; the cool, well-balanced aesthetics are intentionally reminiscent of the pared-down design of motorcycles of the past – retaining the classic language of form with wire spoked wheels, the typical tank above the engine, brass details and the handmade leather seat. The big difference: The retro-look is combined with the most cutting-edge technology. This starts with the choice of materials, which meet sustainability standards and are even to some extent biodegradable. And continue with the production of individual parts: Here Tarform makes use of the possibilities of additive manufacturing. As a result, parts that have been designed in-house can be quickly and easily produced via 3D printing and, if necessary, perfected. Investment in expensive tools and production methods is thus eliminated. Most of the outer parts of the Tarform motorcycle – aluminium pressure levers, brass dashboard linings, biodegradable PLA sockets and headlamp lenses, and logos – were produced by means of additive manufacture. To reinforce the body and side panels, ECO flax fibre was used instead of carbon fibre. LED technology for the front and rear lights and the indicators promises brightness together with longevity. Tarform has made sustainability into a principle: Waste is minimised, resources are spared. Quality is not neglected here; In addition to the above-mentioned technologies of the future, many things are produced using traditional craftsmanship. Let's talk about what the Tarform electric motorcycle can do: The integrated electric motor achieves an output of 40 kW/53 hp and thus a top speed of 150 kilometres per hour. Fully charged, the electric motorcycle has a range of around 150 kilometres. Hopefully it will be possible to experience the magic of this electric motorcycle from the end of this year – a clean ride every time.

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