The art of metamorphosis

Lunaz Design leads iconic classic cars into the electrified future.

'Those were the days of real cars!' This sentence is often uttered with a mixture of admiration and nostalgia in one’s voice when talking about classic cars. With their time-honoured elegance, these rare classics turn heads whenever they hit the road. It goes without saying that such valuable one-offs are restored, maintained and kept roadworthy wherever possible. But that is by no means enough for Lunaz Design: The mission of the British 'restomod' specialists is to install state-of-the-art technology in the historic vehicles and give them a new lustre. And so the 1961 Rolls-Royce Phantom V now comes fully electric with heated seats, satnav, automatic climate control, WLAN and infotainment system.

RESTOMOD. Converts vehicles to zero-emissions powertrains

For some enthusiasts it may be tantamount to sacrilege when beautiful automobiles from past times are modified, beyond faithful restoration, with electric drive and the comfort of contemporary furnishings. We are, after all, dealing with witnesses to a bygone era, so the loud rattling of the engine, stubborn gearshift, stiff steering and the smell of sooty 'petroil' are simply part of the genuine nostalgic classic car feeling, aren't they? In an era when climate change, environmental protection and energy resources are increasingly being discussed, one quickly comes to the conclusion – despite appreciating authenticity – that a rethink would be appropriate. Especially since all the prerequisites for environmentally friendly, emission-free driving are in place. So when a company like Lunaz Design decides to exploit the possibilities of innovative technologies in the classic vehicle segment too, it is an important step in the right direction. The growing demand proves that the British company is right: Lunaz's skilful combination of restoration and modification (known in the trade as 'restomod') is in vogue, with more and more classic car enthusiasts desiring a transformation that honours the historic legacy yet points to the future; that preserves the beauty and grace of the original, yet brings it up to date with state-of-the-art components for our times, which now value sustainability. In return, customers are willing to accept long waiting times and a higher price, owing to the expenditure involved. They are ultimately aware that each of the tailor-made Lunaz solutions is an iconic asset for the future.

A 1950s look & feel meets 21st century performance and driving experience. Driving the electrified Jaguar XK120 is different to what you may expect – and yet, it’s a surprise that you quickly get used to. Peace of mind and trust are your onboard companions, as with all other Lunaz restomod models. One can enjoy the nostalgic flair and yet soon appreciate the reliability of the current technology, which meets safety expectations, offers driving comfort, and easily masters distances ranging from 400 to 500 km. Constant readiness to drive instead of downtime in the workshop, easy charging instead of frequent fuel stops, easy operation – it doesn't get any better. What’s more, careful restoration ensures the glamorous appearance of the bodywork and interiors.


When Lunaz founders David Lorenz and Jon Hilton were looking for the right place for their vision in early 2018, they deliberately chose Silverstone Technology Park in Northamptonshire, historically a centre for motorsport. In order to be equipped to meet its own high standards as well as the specific requirements of classic automobiles and their future owners, the company recruited the best talent in engineering, design and craftsmanship, knowing full well that their expertise and deep understanding of vintage luxury cars and innovative technologies would be crucial to the outcome. Passion turned into success: five noble brands currently represent the restomod art of Lunaz: Aston Martin DB6, Bentley, Range Rover Classic, Rolls-Royce and Jaguar. Each model retains its original character whilst undergoing reconstruction from scratch. The as-built evaluation is followed by a 3D scan to test weight loads and stresses in order to implement the most efficient electric motors and fast charging systems. Added to this are control electronics developed in-house, such as ABS, disc brake and power steering systems, and the subtlest possible adaptation of the operating instruments. In the interior design and paintwork, preferences regarding material and colour can be taken into account. Chief designer Jen Holloway also combines ocean-green leather with the refined burl wood cockpit – another touch of modernity for these classic cars. Have your own classic car made fit for the e-future or purchase a ready-made restomod model: Lunaz makes it possible for you to do either, so you can drive into the future in style.

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