The die is cast

Excellent, expertise, elegant gems: Salanitro is launching its own jewellery brand.

Would you have known that with your jewel-encrusted luxury watch, you are probably wearing a piece of Salanitro craftsmanship on your wrist? This Geneva-based company is the market leader in finishing with precisely set gemstones and a partner of over 40 leading haute horlogerie brands. Now the die is cast: Salanitro steps into the spotlight with its own jewellery brand 'S by Salanitro'. The first exclusive one-off pieces mark the start and show how vision, design and craftsmanship combine to create excellence. The watch manufacturer Patek Philippe also appreciates Salanitro’s high level of expertise – and is securing it for the future by taking a stake in the company.

Salanitro and Patek Philippe are family businesses, both based in Geneva. And both share the same values: top-class quality, independence and sense of family. It’s an alliance that fits, not least because Pierre Salanitro, founder and CEO of the company which today has 230 employees, has a long friendship with Patek Philippe President Thierry Stern, a friendship that guarantees future strength and cross-generational growth. In 33 years of company history, Salanitro has shown what is possible with gemstones and impresses customers with its unique know-how – from the first sketch via prototypes to absolute perfection in execution. Watch cases, dial plates or bracelets: the specialists know all the options, have developed techniques and solutions. 'Gemstones are our passion, our essence and our inspiration,' explains Pierre Salanitro. 'They are in our DNA, show our beginnings and what we are.' Now they are taking the next step with their own brand, 'S by Salanitro' – the S stands for 'sparkling': with creativity, design expertise and innovation. Jewellery that is made with customary precision in the stone-setting and provides that extra polish, the finishing touch of luxury, glamour and elegance. Creations such as the backgammon game give us an inkling that we can still expect many sparkling things from Salanitro.

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