The Genesis distinction

The luxury carmaker Genesis is conquering the European market with personal service.

'Allow us to be there for you.' This is the offer made by the Korean vehicle manufacturer Genesis to anyone wanting to take the experience of driving a luxury car and the service associated with it to a whole new level. The philosophy of hospitality forms the core of all its endeavours – according to the principle of 'son-nim' from Korea, every Genesis Personal Assistant takes care of their guest (their name for a customer) to ensure they feel happy and are the focus of attention. In Switzerland, these are specially trained professionals from the luxury hotel and retail sector, who really respect and value their customers’ precious time.

I’m here in Interlaken at the end of June witnessing a drum-roll of superlatives: The breathtaking mountain backdrop sets the stage for the largest 3D projection ever seen in the Alps, using it as a projection screen the size of three football fields for the luxury car manufacturer Genesis’ entry into the European market. Genesis used its launch event to present its new approach to selling and owning a car. The concept of focusing on service, something the company has already been doing successfully in Asia and the USA for five years now, is meanwhile being resolutely pursued in Europe. Fancy a test drive? They will bring the car to your house or office so you can test it out in familiar surroundings. Want any advice or instruction? The Genesis Personal Assistant is always there when you need it: 'We come to you.' After you’ve experienced carefree driving like this, you won’t ever want it to be any different. But Genesis is also breaking new ground in its showrooms. The Genesis Studio at Bahnhofstrasse 62 in Zurich, former location of the Franz Carl Weber Toy Store, is where you can explore the world of Genesis across three floors. Following the Genesis philosophy, everything is in natural materials and warm colours – something that will win you over in their cars too. On the ground floor, the different car models and event space with a huge LED screen inspire you with innovations and a vision of the future. The design gallery shows the many optional features, and car doors in their original size show off the numerous different colour variants. Or you can just relax in the lounge. A new meeting place in Zurich.

Soft Nappa leather, perfect stitching, real wood – everything is carefully accomplished following traditional craftmanship. When you get in, you are greeted by a feeling of serenity, an alignment of tranquillity and beauty that follows the Korean architectural philosophy of the white room. A perfect balance between individual freedom and pioneering technology. Complementing the interior, the exterior conforms to a European design; it is elegant yet athletic. A Genesis is an inspiring and harmonious combination of both hemispheres. The parallel lines of the iconic square lights, continued around the side, are its trademark, the parabolic line on the sides emphasises the minimalist design, the three-dimensional G-matrix pattern on the crest radiator grill points to the future. All forms are manifested in the winged Genesis logo. There are notably three highly successful players responsible for Genesis’ success: designer Luc Donckerwolke leads the design development, CEO Europe Dominique Boesch is responsible for the brand launch and Piergiorgio Cecco has become Regional Operations Manager Switzerland. They bring with them a wealth of experience gained at Audi, Bentley, Ferrari, Lamborghini and Maserati. You can also find out more about Genesis’ unique approach at their showrooms in London and shortly also in Munich. Using Asian wisdom and respect for every individual person, they are taking a different path in their quest to make the ownership of a luxury car as easy as possible, because the wealth of every person lies in the precious time they have.

Everyone decides for themselves how best to spend their valuable time. Genesis has focused on the essentials and its G80 and GV80 models give everyone the freedom to follow their own path. It is an exhilarating feeling to sit in a car that has everything you expect it to have and much more besides. With a powerful performance, glossy or matt paint and aesthetic dual-colour options. Its technical features and assistants are pioneering, using augmented reality, 3D, and touch & voice control. Everything to make driving easier and safer. It is pleasantly relaxing to drive, also because the driver’s seat has a massage function and even the tilt and position of the rear seats can be electronically adjusted. The SUV is available as a 5-seater or a 7-seater and has four-wheel drive for driving off-road. Other features of both models include the autonomous emergency brake assistant and mirrors that are combined with cameras, which eliminates the blind spot. The car can also be parked from the outside without a driver in it. The shift-by-wire controls in the middle console, with its high-quality glass cover, make every gear shift a haptic experience. Everything is encompassed in one stylish and sleek design, from the panoramic roof to the wheel rims, from the silhouette to the interior. Everything is simply beautiful, because in simplicity lies the essence of dynamic elegance, surprising finesse and cultivated elegance. And this year you’ll have more Genesis models to discover, including electric ones.

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