Ti amo Roma

Ferrari is making dreams of the Italian dolce vita come true with the Roma.

A very elegant vision, which is here ready for me. I stand and admire it from all sides and allow my initial impressions to sink in. The lines and shape of the Ferrari Roma, it’s all very smooth and stylish. But my fear is that this is more of a gentle beginner’s version, which might be a bit boring for the experienced driver? My eyes are drawn to the front spoiler, shark nose and LED headlights. Everything looks slightly different. And then from the back you get to see what is promised. The wide, flared wings indicate the characteristic concentrated power you expect from a Ferrari. Now it’s time to get in and... ciao Italia – I’m coming!

La Italianità – the Italian way of life just won’t let me go. Easy-going and elegant, relaxed and passionate – that’s how life can be. And the ideal companion for these feelings? The Roma! Custom-made by Ferrari precisely to make this dream a reality. This car makes me feel as though I’ve been transported back to the Rome of the 1950s and 1960s: bustling streets and squares, elegant people enjoying life without a care, warm sun and twinkling nights, exciting and picturesque. The Roma was designed to combine cutting-edge technology with timeless beauty, like black and white photographs that come to life and become modern reality. An entirely new Ferrari with timeless innovations giving it even more style and harmony, a slightly erotic crackle and inspiring technology. A sensual temptress, that reinterprets the Italian dolce vita. First-class and sublime, sporty and bold. The reference to the earlier classic Ferrari is unmistakeable. That’s what I want to find out more about. I get in and smell – leather. I start the engine and listen – a deep tone that levels out to a melodious clang. I put my foot on the accelerator and feel – how it pulls away. It only takes a few seconds to realise that the handling and agility of this car is absolutely typical for this brand. It’s the real Ferrari I want it to be. You can do everything with this car. I relish the cross-country driving. Not just in Rome; it’s great for cruising along – or speeding up – in Switzerland too. And the Roma turns out to be an agile climber over the Swiss mountain passes too, proving it is anything but boring. It is just seemingly a 'quieter' Ferrari. Despite its understatement, it is full of athleticism, is ever present and is always ready to give everything. The car takes a step back, but I don’t hold back and try out everything there is in the 'cavallino rampante', the prancing horse. And there are numerous technical refinements: a V8 turbo engine with Variable Boost Management for an immediate response; mobile rear spoiler that automatically comes up when driving at speed, providing the required downforce; 8-speed dual clutch transmission to make switching gears quick and smooth; Side Slip Control 6.0 for the best handling dynamics... and that’s before I’ve got onto praising the redesigned chassis. But all that is really more for technicians. I would put it this way: It’s simply a fun car to drive. The handling and performance are excellent. What would it be like to conquer the streets of the Italian capital city? To explore this empire of ancient sites, historical meaning and modern dolce vita? I let my thoughts wander.... I put off getting out of the car for a bit. And it’s actually fantastic to sit in the Roma for hours on end. The seats can be adjusted in all directions so you can always get into the right position and arrive feeling relaxed. An ideal Ferrari for everyday life and a very successful Gran Turismo for longer trips. The large boot space is one more thing that makes the Ferrari Roma my 'grande amore'. It has the right attitude to life and my respect goes to the engineers and designers from Ferrari in Maranello. I get really quite emotional and enjoy the enthusiastic looks that follow me on my way. The car takes me out of Gstaad and through Simmental; I test out a host of mountain pass roads including the Jaun Pass and the Col du Pillon. The breathtaking countryside perfectly matches my impressions behind the wheel of this automotive masterpiece. We are now going along the banks of Lake Brienz. I take a quick look at the map: The Italian border is not so far away. Should I quickly pop down to Rome?

Ferrari Roma
Inspired by the legendary GT models, the Roma steers the Italian attitude to life into the modern day. Using power and agility for an authentic driving experience. The sophisticated design continues inside: separate driver and passenger cells, haptic controls and a new steering wheel, intuitive and purist. 'Comfort Access', the Dual Cockpit concept and a redesign of the human-machine interface. Large selection of colour combinations or timelessly elegant.


Typ: V8 – 9OO Turbo
Gesamthubraum: 3855 ccm
Leistung max.: 456 kW (62O PS) bei 575O - 75OO U/min
Drehmoment max.: 76O Nm bei 3OOO – 575O U/min

Vmax.: > 32O km/h
O-1OO Km/h: 3.4 s
O-2OO Km/h: 9.3 s

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