VistaJet: Time flies

Non-stop to destinations worldwide: VistaJet makes private flights easy and flexible.

Suppose you and your team need to get from Los Angeles to Hong Kong as fast as possible. Or you want to travel on a direct route from Sint Maarten to the Maldives with your family and friends. VistaJet offers the most efficient of all solutions for these kinds of requests and brings you directly to your destination in around 15 hours.

The only worldwide operating private charter company has the Bombardier Global 7500 in its fleet: a business jet that enables clients to make non-stop long haul flights in 187 countries throughout the globe. This innovative private jet flies at a greater height and in thinner air – meaning that it is faster and you have less jetlag. Three lounge areas in the spacious machine offer space for up to 14 passengers; or comfortable beds can be set up for 8 persons. Alongside 10 Global 7500 aircraft, the VistaJet fleet has over 70 further private jets for every requirement, all with exclusive furnishing and superb comfort. A special highlight with VistaJet: the membership programme. It offers a flight hours subscription with guaranteed jet availability within 24 hours as well as access to exclusive partner offers at beautiful destinations. Ultimate travelling? Off you go!

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