Wally Yachts: Surging Performance in the Waves

A new icon in the world of yachting defines the cruising of the future: wallypower58

It is an immediate eye-catcher. It is different, minimalist, audacious in its design. And it is revolutionary in its features, which are definitely uncharacteristic in a yacht of this size. We’re talking about the brand new wallypower58, whose look resembles its predecessor wallypower52, but whose new interpretation and innovative development soon become apparent. Such as the huge lounge deck, whose surface area can be expanded to a full 25 sqm thanks to hydraulic folding wings, giving the guests on board this iconic motor yacht a feeling of endless freedom between the sea and the sky. This is what cruising of the future looks like.


Maximum comfort has always been the declared aspiration of the yachting world market leader Wally (part of the renowned Ferretti Group). Thus, what the wallypower58 has to offer goes above and beyond its spectacular sun deck. At the press of a button, you can lower the sun deck as far as the waterline or even below it – so you can easily get your water sports 'toys' such as jet skis or seabobs, stored below, in and out of the water. Below, it creates a delightful 'pied à l’eau' area for a refreshing cool-down. On board, the upper cockpit is the perfect place to take a seat in the sheltered seating area, and enjoy a drink and panoramic view of your surroundings, either in sunlight or pleasantly shaded.

sunddeck XL

As well as the view through the frameless, curved glass fronts and the open bridge to the deck, the cockpit lounge also serves as a spacious dining area: 12 to 16 guests can sit on chairs and benches around the table in the middle to enjoy their meal in an air-conditioned ambience, if desired. Numerous highlights are waiting below deck: The master cabin not only impresses with its well thought-out elegance, but also with a ceiling of glass windows which bring the daylight or the starry sky inside. The wallypower58 does not have portholes – an unusual yet very conscious decision by Wally’s founder and head designer Luca Bassini, who knows very well how often porthole glass gets damaged during berthing manoeuvres, leading to security problems. The fact that in doing so he has created maximum privacy makes his solution doubly smart. You can relax in a retreat that is hidden from view, even on a busy harbour pier. It’s still possible, however, to see outside from the cabins – thanks to the superb innovative spirit of the yacht’s creator: large flatscreens transmit in 4k resolution recordings made by the cameras installed in the outside area, giving you images of your surroundings in real time. Of course, this extraordinary yacht also proves its flexibility with the second cabin, washrooms and galley. It’s definitely worth experiencing live – the yacht is currently being showcased in Monaco, St. Tropez and Ibiza.

wallypower58 – Preliminary

3 x Volvo Penta D8 IPS 700 power 550 mhp / 405 kW at 2900 rpm (optional: 600 mph / 441 kW at 3000 rpm)

Maximum speed: 36 knots / Cruising speed: 30 knots (optional: 38 knots / 32 knots)

Maximum speed: 310 n.m. / Cruising speed: 330 n.m. (optional: 300 n.m. / 320 n.m.)

Main Sizes
Loa = overall length: 17.3 m / 56 ft. 9 in.
LH = Hull length: 17.2 m / 56 ft. 7 in.
Lwl = waterline length: 15.6 m / 51 ft. 2 in.
Maximum number of persons on board: 12

WALLY – a brand of Ferretti Group

The Ferretti Group is a world leader in the design, construction and sale of luxury yachts and pleasure vessels. The exclusive brand portfolio includes Ferretti Yachts, Pershing, Riva, Itama, Custom Line, CRN and Wally. Six of their own shipyards combine efficient industrial production with Italian craftsmanship, serving clients in more than 70 countries throughout the world. The hallmarks of this prestigious corporate group are superb quality, exclusive design, futuristic technology and uncompromising safety. The motor yachts are also distinguished by their excellent performance on the water.

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