Zbären Kreativküchen: This is a real all-rounder

Enjoy the outdoors with individual outdoor kitchens from Zbären

We all love being outside with friends and family, spending time together and enjoying tasty delicacies from the grill. What better way to do it than with an outdoor kitchen from the Swiss kitchen manufacturer Zbären?

Custom-manufactured and equipped with outstanding technology, it brings cooking and guests together. The garden is transformed into an open-air kitchen landscape, putting the focus on enjoying nature with family and friends. Zbären guarantees great looks and finish, practical details and an abundance of options. Starting with the specially designed and manufactured outdoor refrigerator, they’ve thought of it all. Chic oiled IPE hardwood fronts, cool oxidised brass handles and made-by-Zbären fittings – equals atmosphere aplenty. And the stylish monolith made of 'Mittholzer Kieselkalk', a siliceous limestone from the Bernese Oberland in the Swiss Alps, stores firewood and still has plenty of room left over for ice and cool drinks. A teppanyaki grill plate is embedded in the resistant countertop for lovers of delicious Asian delicacies – all this integrated into a uniquely curved shape. The centrepiece is of course the built-in grill, a technical masterpiece by the Michigan-based company Kalamazoo. Whether wood, charcoal or gas, this hybrid grill can do it all, and all at the same time. There is always a fitting option for every taste, dish or occasion: roasting, smoking or grilling. Just below the grilling chamber is a wood and charcoal drawer, below which are the highly resistant cast brass gas burners that ensure perfect heat distribution and easily ignite wood and charcoal. The wide heat spectrum is infinitely adjustable. By the way, Zbären is the only specialist dealer for Kalamazoo in the German-speaking region. And best of all: every single component of this outdoor kitchen is absolutely weatherproof and does not need to be covered. If you are not using kitchen for a longer period of time, there is also a custom-fit cover. But winter grilling is on the rise... An all-round success!

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