'Friends' provides the maximum presence possible for the lowest price.

The client’s company profile rightfully appears under the section 'Friends' on the
- overview page with title image/name
- profile page with logo, images, text and linked contact details
and can also be visited by entering the keyword in the search field in the navigation bar.

Personalised HOCHEDEL magazine: During the contract period, the client receives the number of ordered copies of the two editions sent to them by post.

Duration: 1 year

HOCHEDEL receives text material from the client in the following format:

Textmaterial in folgendem Umfang:
- 3,500 characters (incl. spaces)
- Languages*: German + English
- free of copyright
If necessary, the existing text will be editorially revised to convert obvious advertising into editorial content.
*If the translation into English or German is ordered as well, the revised text is used as a basis.

The extent of image material is as follows:
- max. 10 images, professionally produced, provided by the client without a licence
- format: .jpg file, .tif file
- size: min. 2400 x 1200 pixels (resolution: min. 72 dpi)

Production time: 14 working days after placing of order

If you want to wish to place your order in writing, please send us an email.
Due date
when placing the order
Our General Terms and Conditions apply.